How to enroll, entry fees, general information

The purpose of the event:

1. Popularization of sports and physical activities.
2. Popularization of trail running.
3. Selection of the best runners.
4. Promotion of Kłodzko Land in Poland and all over the world

The Organizer:

ul. Wrzosowa 11
57-350 Kudowa-Zdrój
Tel. +48 513 423 887

mBank 89 1140 2004 0000 3802 7717 9361
IBAN: PL89 1140 2004 0000 3802 7717 9361

Eksploris Piotr Hercog
Załoga Górska


The date, the place, the route

The date of the event:  18 – 21.07.2019
The headquarters:  Lądek Zdrój Kinoteatr (former cinema), Orla 7, 57-540 Lądek Zdrój

The routes:

DFBG invites you to take part in the following races:

7szczytow1. 7 Summits Race (Bieg 7 Szczytów, B7S) – about 240 km
a) The route: Lądek Zdrój – Śnieżnik – Jagodna – Jamrozowa Polana – Kudowa – Szczeliniec Wlk. – Wilcza Przełęcz – Bardo – Lądek Zdrój
b) Start 18.07.2019 (Thursday) at 18.00 the from main plaza of Ladek Zdroj (in front of Dom Zdrojowy Wojciech)
c) Time limit: 52 h
d) Refreshments posts during the race after 15-20 km (water, isotonic drink, biscuits, fruit) and deposit bags to be delivered to the refreshment post (65 km, 130 km, 200 km – three separate deposits – up to 5 kg/person)
e) those runners who do not finish the race will be classified in Super Trail 130 km but they have to reach the finishing line of ST130 in Kudowa Zdrój. This rule applies also to those runners who decide to stop the race much further than in Kudowa. In this case, they will receive a medal for finishing ST130 but will not be taken into account while rewarding the ST130 runners.

super-trail2. Super Trail (ST130) – 130 km
a) The route: Lądek Zdrój – Śnieżnik – Jagodna – Jamrozowa Polana – Kudowa Zdrój
b) Start 18.07.2019 (Thursday) at 18.00 from the main plaza (in front of Dom Zdrojowy Wojciech) in Lądek Zdrój
c) Time limit: 26 h
d) Refreshments posts during the race every 15-20 km (water, isotonic drink, biscuits, fruit) and deposit bags to be delivered to the refreshment post at 65 km.

e) The Organizer provides the shuttle buses from the finishing line in Kudowa Zdrój to Lądek Zdrój (bus schedule will be published closer to the event’s date).


kbl3. K-B-L Race – 110 km
a) The route: the same as for 7 Summits Race (B7S): Kudowa-Zdrój – Bardo – Lądek Zdrój
b) Start 19.07.2019 (Friday) at 20.00 in Kudowa Zdrój (Park Zdrojowy)
c) Time limit: 26 h
d) Refreshment posts during the race every 15-20 km (water, isotonic drink, biscuits, fruit) and deposit bags to be delivered to the refreshment post at 70 km (one deposit – up to 5 kg/person)

e) The Organizer provides the shuttle buses from Lądek Zdrój to the starting place in Kudowa Zdrój. You need to book your seat during verification. Buses will leave from Lądek Zdrój at 17.30 on Friday.


ultra-trail4. Ultra 68 – 68 km
a) The route: Lądek Zdrój – Przeł. Gierałtowska – Czernica – Rozdroże Zamkowe – Złoty Stok – Lądek Zdrój
b) Start 20.07.2019 (Saturday) at 6.00 from the main plaza (in front of Dom Zdrojowy Wojciech) in Lądek Zdrój
c) Time limit: 13 h
d) Refreshment posts during the race every 10-15 km (water, isotonic drink, biscuits, fruit)


maraton5. Golden Marathon (Złoty Maraton) – 45 km
a) The route: Lądek Zdrój – Przełęcz Lądecka – Złoty Stok – Orłowiec – Lądek Zdrój
b) Start 20.07.2019(Saturday) at 10.00 from the main plaza (in front of Dom Zdrojowy Wojciech) in Lądek Zdrój
c) Time limit: 8 h
d) Refreshment posts during the race approximately every 10 km (water, isotonic drink, biscuits, fruit)


polmaraton6. Golden Half Marathon (Złoty Półmaraton) 21 km
a) The route: Lądek Zdrój – Przełęcz Lądecka – Lądek Zdrój
b) Start 20.07.2019 (Saturday) at 11.00 from the main plaza (in front of Dom Zdrojowy Wojciech) in Lądek Zdrój
c) Time Limit: 5 h
d) One refreshment post during the race, after about 10 km (water, isotonic drink, biscuits, fruit)


trojak7. Trojak Trail – about 10 km
a) The route: Lądek Zdrój – Trojak – Lądek Zdrój
b) Start: 21.07.2019 (Sunday) at 10.00 from the main plaza (in front of Dom Zdrojowy Wojciech) in Lądek Zdrój
c) Time limit: 3 h
d) Refreshment posts during the race after 3km and after 5 km (water, isotonic drink, biscuits, fruit)

The detailed course of the routes you may find in the folder THE ROUTES. The final update of the routes for 2017 will be given in June.

What to do to participate

  • To become a participant of DFBG you have to be 18 years old and carry a valid passport (for 7 Summits Race and Super Trail 130).
  • All runners have to be verified in the headquarters of the festival. Each runner has to have a valid ID card (a passport or a driving licence) to check the personal data.
  • All runners need to obey the Regulations of the Festival as well as the regulations applying to National Parks, nature reservations and public roads.
  • In Trojak Trail you can be 16 years old to participate (with a written consent of your legal guardians).

How many people can take part in our races

1. 7 Summits Race / B7S – 240 km – 350 people
2. Super Trail 130 – 130 km – 350 people
3. K-B-L Race – 110 km – 350 people
4. Ultra 65 – 65 km – 500 people
5.Golden Marathon – 45 km – 500 people

6. Golden Half Marathon– 21 km – 500 people
7. Trojak Trail – 10 km – 500 people

How to register and how much is the entry fee

    1. You can register from the 30th of October 2018 (at noon) to the day of the start or when the limit of the runners is not exceeded
    2. In order to register you must fill the entry form in (please find it on our website) and pay the entry fee.

– paid before 31st of December 2018 / from 1st of January to 31st of March 2019 / from 1st of April to 20th of June 2019 / after 20th of June 2019:

      • 7 Summits Race – 380 PLN / 430 PLN  / 470 PLN / 500 PLN
      • Super Trail – 240 PLN  / 270 PLN / 300 PLN / 320 PLN
      • K-B-L – 210 PLN  / 245 PLN  / 280 PLN / 295 PLN
      • Ultra 68 – 170 PLN  / 190 PLN / 215 PLN / 235 PLN
      • Golden Marathon – 130 PLN / 155 PLN / 175 PLN /195 PLN
      • Golden Half Marathon – 95 PLN / 115 PLN / 135 PLN / 145 PLN
      • Trojak Trail – 60 PLN / 70 PLN / 80 PLN / 90 PLN


  1. We will extend your entry fee to include 50 PLN for a t-shirt and we will ask you to give us the size of the shirt.
  2. After a successful registration and having transferred the entry fee, the personal information of a participant will be published on a starting list.
  3. After having received the entry fee, we will give each participant a bib number (visible on dfbg web site).
  4. We can register new runners but not to exceed the limit of the participants. We can only count fully registered runners – those who filled in the entry form and paid the entry fee. The acknowledgement of the successful registration is when you have received a bib number.
  5. Those who registered but did not pay the entry fee, will be placed on the substitute list (without being granted with a bib number).
      • You may not be provided with full benefits when you have paid the entry fee later then the 10th of July 2017.
      • You can swap your entry fee with another participant but not later than 20st of June 2019 (after this date any swaps are possible). You have to inform us about the swap at least 12 days before the race.

    If you wish to resign, you may sell your bib number with the price not higher than the entry fee. Then, you must tick the proper place in your data form.
    If you have registered and have paid, you may still change the race – but you have to send us an email but not later that 1st of July. We will not pay up the difference in the entry fee if you wish to change for a shorter race. You are obliged to pay the missing amount if you change for a longer race.

  6. If you decide to do not participate, the Organizer doesn’t give you the fee back neither transfer the fee to other races.
  7. In case the race has been cancelled before the start, the participants will get their entry fee back.
  8. Your T-shirt will be in your welcome pack which you may collect only in the headquarters during the verification process.
  9. In order to book a technical Salomon T-shirt, you must pay extra 50 PLN during the process of an online registration. You may also buy a T-shirt in the headquarters but the price will be 60 PLN.

Money transfer

a) The entry fee may be transferred to organizer’s account through traditional and electronic banking. You may also pay cash in the festival’s headquarters.
b) the money transfer must be entitled, e.g. “The Golden Marathon + Your first name and you surname” + an ID number (which will be provided by the organizer via email).
c) The organizer is not responsible for the time fees need to be transferred to organizer’s account. The only criterion of a successful registration is the date your Money is on organizer’s account.

Please, transfer your money to the following bank account:

ul. Wrzosowa 11
57-350 Kudowa-Zdrój
Tel. +48 513 423 887

mBank 89 1140 2004 0000 3802 7717 9361
IBAN: PL89 1140 2004 0000 3802 7717 9361

entitled: e.g. „Golden Half Marathon – your first name and your surname + an ID number” (an ID number will be provided by the organizer via email)

The payment is not valid if the racer: is not electronically registered, the payment is late or the limit of the racers is exceeded.

A mistaken payment (if having not given sufficient personal information) will not be honoured and paid back.
After the organizer has registered and booked the payment, the racer of formally present on the starting list visible on the festival’s website.
We can register new racers only if there are still free bib numbers.
Only a successful registration and a proper payment are confirmed with receiving a bib number.
Those racers who have registered but not paid the fee, are on the substitute list – without receiving a bib number.


The entry fee covers:
· medal for the finishers,
· a commemorative bib number,
· medical and rescue teams,
· refreshments and food during the race,
· a meal after the race;
· rewards from sponsors,
· rewards and trophies for the best runners.

Final provisions

We do not provide runners with any insurance and free accommodation.

Each racer may make a complaint providing they have paid a deposit of 200 PLN (50 EUR) but not later than 2 hours after the race.

The organizers of the Festival have a right to implement changes in regulations before the start of each race providing they have informed all competitors via the website.

The only winding and final interpretation of the present regulations is a right of the organizer.

How to compete

There are number of rules each runner should know about:

  1. The participants of the ultra races (7 Summits Race, Super Trail, K-B-L) should realise all difficulties regarding such a long distance, no breaks and changeable weather conditions.
  2. During the race you can only count on yourself and deal with the problems that may occur.
  3. Difficult weather conditions may occur during every race, you must be prepared for low temperatures (about 0 degrees), strong wind, heavy rain and other conditions typical for a mountainous region.
  4. You must be physically and mentally prepared for extreme fatigue, stomach pains, muscles pain, painful falls and slippery trails.
  5. When you collect your bib number and sign the declaration you must be fully aware of the risk you may be encountered during the race. You have to make your own decision. The organizers are not responsible for what may happen during the race.
  6. Your appearance, your personal data (your name, age, town, club) may be used in our promotional materials which are published on our website, on facebook, in newspapers, on tv and other media).
  7. If you wish not to obey our rules, we may not allow you take part in our other races.
  8. If you do not follow the instructions of the race staff, the rescue team or the medical support you may be asked to cover the costs of the rescue action.

Protection of the environment

Remember that you will be running in the National Park of Góry Stołowe, the nature reserves and very picturesque territories which are the home for many wild animals. It is highly advised not to:

  1. Wander outsider the marked trails. In the reservation of “Śnieznik Kłodzki” and in the National Park of The Stołowe Mountains it is prohibited by law to walk down the main route.
  2. At the refreshment posts we will provide you with plastic cups, but please leave them at the post.
  3. You cannot collect flowers, animals, mushrooms and stones.
  4. No short cuts are allowed.
  5. Do not throw rubbish, gel tubes, tissues etc. The rubbish bins will be at every refreshment post.
  6. Please, use the toilets at the refreshment posts, do not leave tissue and toilet paper in the forest.
  7. In order to minimise the energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases, please use public transport including our buses.

Show respect to other runners

  1. If you come across someone who Leeds medical treatment, please take care of them and call (+48 74) 985 or find a phone number on your bib number.
  2. If you meet someone who is sitting or lying down, please check their vital signs and call the medical support if necessary. If they are just resting – try to encourage them to rest in the nearest refreshment post.
  3. Please, be understanding for the voluntary staff and people in the headquarters of the festival – they may also lack sleep.
  4. The course of the race is not our private property and it will not be closed for the time of the race. Remember that other people have a right to use it. Try to overtake other people or runners only when it is safe.
  5. Do not harm anything on the course of your race, do not throw rubbish, do not change the ribbons which mark the course.
  6. Some parts of the race lead through private property, so please remain silent.

Medical suport during the festival

  1. We will provide you with medical support when necessary, but remember that you are still responsible for your own health and life and you must assess the risk of taking part in the race.
  2. We ask the mountains rescue team for help (GOPR), a doctor and emergency workers. Please check the map to find the medical support centres, but if you cannot get to the nearest centre, they can reach you on the trail. At all checkpoints you may use a phone and call a doctor.
  3. Please remember, that it may take some time for the rescue team to reach you. Do not postpone the phone call and wait until it is too late.
  4. All rescue team members have a right to disqualify a participant of the pace. Their decision is final.
  5. If you wish to stop the race, you may wait for our means of transport to take you to the finishing line or you can use your own means of transport or call a taxi at your own expense
  6. Remember that the presence of the medical support team does not mean you are not longer obliged to help runners in need. If you someone in trouble, please ask them for help or call (+48 74) 985.
  7. If you needed help during the race, please visit your doctor to exclude other complications.

Time limit

  1. When a runner does not reach any checkpoint in time, they will not reach the finishing line on time.
  2. The time limit applies to the time the runner reaches the checkpoint not the time they decide to continue running. To continue the race you must reach the refreshment post before the time limit.
  3. If the runner does not reach the checkpoint in time, they cannot continua the race.

Time measurement

Your time will be measured by BGTimeSport with the help of chips fixed in your bib number so take care of it. On some checkpoints there will be electronic mesurements, on others the judges will write down your time based on your bib number. The judges on the trails will write down the times in relation to the bib numbers.

How the trails are marked

  1. The trails will be marked with the use of a colourful tape, direction indicators and spray. Our judges will also monitor the course.
  2. Most of the routes follow the touristic trails which are property marked. All turns, changes of the route will be visibly indicated.
  3. All dangerous place, especially the crossing of the roads, will be property marked but all participants need to obey the rules of the road.
  4. Our indicators are placed just before the race and they are removed just after the race. Our spray is ecologically friendly and it will disappear during the rain (hopefully, not during the race).
  5. We strongly advise to take the map which you will get at the headquarters. In case of any destroyed indicators (sometimes vandals destroy our hard work) the map may help find the proper way.
  6. If you think that some of the course markers are in wrong places, please call us first and do not change them yourself. Call + 48  513 423 887 or send to e-mail: to inform the main judge and follow his instructions.
  7. If you’ve lost your way, please walk back to the place you last saw our indicator.



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