Dear Runners,

The summer vacations and the dates of Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival are approaching…The present statement and the rules we want to apply are very similar to these concerning SGS (Supermaraton of Stolove Mountains).As many organizations, we are facing a difficult challenge, both financially and logistically. Will we be able to organize an event that many runners have been waiting for?

It’s time to take decisions. After lots of recommendations and the discussions with the local governments, landowners, supporting companies and our volunteers, we decided:


We are aware that it’s a challenge and that many of you will not want to take part in the races in the current circumstances. It’s totally understandable and as we’ve already written in our previous statement(http://dfbg.pl/informacje/aktualnosci/65-1-komunikat) we prepared for you the possibility of participation in the later races as an alternative.

 We as organization are determined to act accordingly to a good sense and the current regulations and limitations. Here below you’ll find a list of the most significant changes that adjust Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival to the requirements aiming the prevention of spreading the virus COVID-19.

We also encourage you to read the modified regulations: http://dfbg.pl/en/information/rules-of-competition

  1. Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival is a social racing event where the times are recorded for reference only.
  2. The departure time of every race has been extended. It will begin 1,5h earlier and the competitors will depart successively with a 10s intervals. This will prevent a big gathering at the starting line and will help the competitors to keep the social distance during the race. The participants will be informed about their exact starting time on our website and by email.
  3. We do not plan any extensive changes in the routes but we’re still waiting for the final responses to our official letters. We do worry about 240 km and 130 km races where you have to cross the border with Czech Republic which currently is not allowed. In case this restriction remains valid when getting closer in time to the event, we are preparing the alternatives on the Polish territory. We’ll keep you informed through our website, hopefully not later than on the 30th of June.
  4. The arrival zone will be strictly limited - the finishers will be only allowed to receive a medal. The supporters and the public will not have access there.
  5. The post-race meals will be packaged and distributed in the outdoors.
  6. The aid-stations will be modified - the volunteers will be provided with masks and disposable gloves for the whole time of the event. All the participants will have to disinfect their hands (the liquid will be available for use), the food will be in packages, ready for pick up. It will not be allowed to rest there.
  7. The race headquarters will be very limited, they will work mosty online. All the participants will have to fill up their race form and to print it themselves. It will be required at the moment of picking up the bib and the chip. The working hours of the race headquarters will be extended. The registration of the participants will be online only.
  8. The Expo zone will be limited or canceled.
  9. The Closing Ceremony will be divided in smaller events related to the races. Only the participants will be allowed in and all the precautions will be taken.
  10. The lottery and the concert will happen... online, 3 days after the event. We promise you’ll have lots of fun.
  11. Each participant will have to carry a mask during the entire time of the event. It will be obligatory whenever you encounter a gathering of people and in the enclosed spaces.
  12. The Kids Race has been canceled.


We are aware that the situation constantly changes, therefore if the restrictions get reduced we’ll be moving towards the classic event. At the same time we still have to consider a less optimistic change, with a possibility of canceling the event if we are obliged by the government to do so. We count on your understanding. Please follow our page for further information. Now everybody keeps the fingers crossed!

Take care,

Piotr Hercog

Fundacja Maratony Górskie