Dear participants DFBG


Even though we have a bad time recently, we are still trying to organise dfbg2020. We are talking with partners and analysing every opportunity. We have a possible solution but now we are observing the situation. At this time a competition date is the same 16th -19th July 2020.


If something change, we will back to observing the situation at the end of May. We want to wait and choose the best opportunity for everyone. The final date will be given 4-6 weeks before the competition. 


We launched a few changes to statute for you:

- You can take advantage of cheaper takeoff fee to 10th June 2020

- Transfer a take off fee on other person for free to 10th June 2020

- Get a Voucher value 100% takeoff fee to use on DFBG 2021 or one of different our event (make a decision to seven days after official communication about competition date):

  • Sztafeta Górska 2020 ( 28-30.08.2020);
  • Zimowy Półmaraton Gór Stołowych 2021 (23.01.2021);
  • Sztafeta Górska 2021 (9-11.04.2021);
  • Supermaraton Gór Stołowych 2021 (25-27.06.2021);
  • Dolnośląski Festiwal Biegów Górskich 2021 (15-18.07.2021)


Voucher can be signed on other person or competition for free.


Every changes send to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Rest of statement is invariably.


We are hoping that all changes make you sure that you won't lose your money. You will also have more motivation to train for future events. It gives us hope that after pandemia our runners will be still with us like you used to be for recent 10 years. Keep your fingers crossed and see you 16th -19th July 2020.




Piotr Hercog

Fundacja Maratony Górskie