Dear Participants of 8. DFBG Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival

As the event begins within a week, we’d like to present you the rules of participation in 8.  edition of DFBG Lower Silesian Trail Running Festival. DFBG is a series of races where each race will have a general classification. Here below you find the crucial points of the regulations which all the participants will have to follow.

We’re going through a particular and difficult time therefore we ask you to accept the regulations with responsibility and to do not cause unnecessary problems. It depends on each of us if the event in these conditions will be seen as safe and necessary which can be a positive point for our trail running community and an argument for further canceling of the limitations.



The Office will be located in Dom Zdrojowy, 7 Orla Street and we’ll limit its functions to the minimum. You’ll find there the stands with the starting packages. Our volunteers and the crew will be there to coordinate the access which will limit the number of people and the waiting time.


The participants will be able to get their … presenting the RUNNER’S SHEET. This document will be sent to all the participants before the event, to the email address they provided during the registration process. The Runner’s Sheets will be sent not later than on the 13th of July. If it’s not in your mailbox (please check the spam!), it will be available online at


In the email together with the RUNNERS SHEET, you’ll find a link to the system of individual registration for picking up the starting package and for selection of the hour of your start. If you don’t receive this email, please go to, log into your account using your login and your password and enter into the folder My events. Find the name of your race on the list and click on the orange icon to edit the registration. That’s where you can declare the hour of the pick-up of starting package as well as the hour of your start.

If you have any problem with the access to your account, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The hour of the pick-up of starting package is approximative and it helps us to make the process smooth and to avoid the waiting lines at the Race Office. And they can be long, as you might know J


Picking up of the starting packages will be possible:


12:00 - 17:30 verification of the participants of Bieg 7 Szczytów 240km and Super Trail 130km 

18:00 – 21:00 verification of the participants of Bieg KBL 110 km and Golden Mountains Trail 33 km



10:00 – 20:00 verification of the participants of Bieg KBL 110 km and Golden Mountains Trail 33 km

14:30 – 20:00 verification of the participants of Ultra Trail 68 km and Złoty Półmaraton 21 km



4:00 - 11:00 verification of the participants of Ultra Trail 68 km, Złoty Maraton 45 km and Złoty Półmaraton 21 km

16:00 - 20:00 verification of the participants of Trojak Trail 10 km



07:00-10:00 verification of the participants of Trojak Trail 10 km


Please remember:

-          RUNNERS’ SHEET has to be printed, completed and delivered to the Race Office

-          RUNNER’S SHEET entitles you to get your Starting Package

-          RUNNER’S SHEET has to be filled out with the data you provided us with at the registration process

-          the Starting Package can be only picked up in person by the runner it belongs to

-          printing of the RUNNER’S SHEET will not be possible at the Race Office


If you want to pick up a starting package for a participant who will not take part in DFBG (it will be given without the starting number), please remember about bringing the authorization (available at

) as well as the RUNNER’S SHEET, printed and signed.


The participant who at the registration ordered a technical t-shirt will be able to pick it up in the shop, presenting the starting number.

If you want to pick up a t-shirt for another participant, you have to present the authorization (available here TEN LINK NIE DZIAŁA).

The shop will be located in the Race Zone.



We do not provide the participants of DFBG with the parking places. In Ladek Zdrój, there are several big parking places available and you can check them out here:


We ask you to leave your vehicle only in designated parking places and do not leave your vehicle (even if it’s only „for a moment”) along the public road and next to Dom Zdrojowy where the Race Office is located.



Race Zone includes Start/Finish Zone, Race Office and aid Stations. The supervision over these zones will be executed by the team of volunteers and the crew. They will take care of limiting the number of participants to 150 only (and we’ll try to minimize this number). The Organization isn’t responsible for any bigger gatherings of people outside the Race Zone, however it will try to avoid they happen.


When defining the hour of picking up your starting package, you’ll have to define your starting time. It is your reservation of starting time. The event and the races will be divided into editions of 150 participants, so they meet the current regulations. The Organization will run the general classification of all the editions of each race. The net time of every participant will be taken into account.

The Organizations reserves the right to keep the first starting slot (18 places) of 240 km race, 130 km race, 110 km race, 68 km race, 45 km race, 21 km race and 10 km race as well as first and second slot of GST 33 km race (these 36 places will be reserved  for 25 me and 11 women who will compete in TOP 10 classification). The participants starting as first in order in GTS 33 km will be chosen based on the Organization’s ranking and on ITRA points. The ranking will be published not later than on the 13th of July. You’ll find the hours of start for every race here:

Please remember:

-          the start will take place with the interval of 10 seconds in order to make it safer

-          It’s upon you to choose your starting hour by picking up your starting time within a slot of 3 minutes. Once you entered the Starting Zone, the crew will be letting the participants out every 10 seconds. If you want to run the race together with some friends of yours, you have to pick up the same or nearly to same starting hours

-          Unofficially, the first starting times and places are assigned to the participants who have declare to run the distance in the shortest time J It will be more comfortable both for the faster and the slower runners and will allow to avoid the problem of passing by on the narrow trails (please take this information into account).

But they are available for everybody. If you don’t pick up your starting time until 15th of July (Sunday), you’ll have it randomly assigned.

-          In the Race Zone, the participants are obliged to cover the face and the nose with a face mask or a buff.

-          In the Race Zone, the Participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the Zone’s crew: the Organization and the volunteers.



-          In the Start/Finish Zone, the participant is obliged to cover the face and the nose.

-          The participant will start exactly at the hour it has assigned.

-          The participant has to show up in the Start/Finish Zone not earlier than 3 minutes before his designated starting hour.

-          In the Start/Finish Zone a clock showing the starting hour will be placed in a way that it can be visible for all the participants

-          Starting time will be counted after passing the starting line and reading the chip (net time)

-          After crossing the finish line, please do not stay in the Start Finish Zone longer than for a short rest, a brief visit in the buffet and a quick photo shot



Every edition of the race will have the aid stations.

You’ll find the full information on their functioning and locations in the race leaflet within your starting package as well as here:

The updated files with the aid stations will be published on our website not later than on Friday the 11th of July.

The race participants are obliged do follow the below instructions:

-          before entering each aid station, the participant is obliged to disinfect his/her hands. Disinfectants will be available before the entrance to the aid station.

-          within the aid station, the participants are obliged to have their nose and mouth covered

-          in the aid stations, the drinks (water, isotonic) and food (in individual containers) will be available. The participant can get to the food and drinks only after disinfecting the hands.

-          Every aid station will have big containers with water/isotonic. The participant fills up his/her flask/cup etc. by himself/herself.

-          A rest within the aid station is not allowed. We suggest resting nearby. That’s where a help from the support is allowed but not farther than 150 meters from the aid station.

-          In the zone of aid station only a limited number of participants is allowed. The Organization reserves the right to stop the coming runners whenever the number of participants in the aid station zone has been reached (the waiting time will not be taken into account). The participant can renounce to stop at the buffet but still has to go through the race time counting mat.

-          The public and the support teams are not allowed into the aid station zones.


There is a limited number of parking places available next to the aid stations. If no free places are left, it’s absolutely not allowed to park the vehicles along the public roads.





This year, because of the current situation, we decided to change the route of Bieg 7 Szczytów and Super Trail 130km. Despite the fact that the borders got open, xxxxxx (NIE ROZUMIEM, O CO TU CHODZI ALE TO I TAK CHYBA NIEISTOTNE DLA ZAGRANICZNYCH). The changes aren’t significant. A 30 km piece of route of 240km/130km races that was going through Czech Republic has been changed and will be going along the border.

Also the aid station at Masarykova Chata, there will be an aid station at GOPR (Mountain Rescue) station/parking in Zieleniec. The change in the distance will be insignifiant: abotu 2 km.

The most of the changes were introduced into the route of Golden Moutains Trail 33 km and a part of Ultra Trial 68 km.  We deleated the pieces going on the asphalt and added more mountains and wild terrain instead.

For all the races that start in Ladek-Zdroj, the first kilometere has also been modified – there will be less asphalt J

Updated TRACKS for all the races and the access to the map will be published on our website not later than on Friday the 10th of July. We’ll keep you informed.




The participants of Bieg 7 Szczytów, Super Trail and K-B-L will be allowed to leave the deposits they need for all the pieces of the race. The deposits will be available during the race at the following control points:


●     A4 – Długopole Zdrój

●     A8 – Kudowa-Zdrój

●     A13 – Bardo

You’ll find the regulations concerning the deposits, the hours of heir delivery and pick-up here:




The Organization provides the transport from the start line in Kudowa Zdrój for the participants who are interested in it (you have to declare your interest at the registration for the race and pay the fee of 20 PLN per person). The transport will leave from Ladek Zdroj on Friday at 5pm.



A post-race meal will be available on the terrain of the event, in the outdoors, about 200 meters from the Start/Finish Zone, in the place called Villa Marianna. The meals will be delivered in closed containers and you’ll have to present your starting number.




During DFBG Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival, the participants will be able to put their tents at the campground.

All the information about the campground can be found here:



In the Closing Ceremony only the participants calssified as winners in the correspondent categories (OPEN, age categories) will be allowed to participate. Their family and friends will not have access to it.

The decoration of the winners from all the races will take place in the Amphitheatre, in front of Dom Zdrojowy (whre the Race Office will be located) on the following days and hours:



19:00 results announced and prizes given to the winners of Super Trail 130km, Golden Mountains Trail 33km and Złoty Półmaraton 21km

21:00 results announced and prizes given to the winners of Ultra Trail 68 km and Złoty Maraton 45km



14:00 results announced and prizes given to the

winners of K-B-L 110km i Trojak Trail 10km



Until the 12th of July 2020, the runners can register and pay for the race online.

After this date, the runners who didn’t pay for their participation, will be deleted from the starting list. If there’s still free places, they will be allowed to register once again and pay for the race in Ladek Zdroj, at the race Office.


&.11 OTHER

Every participant is obliged to follow the regulations and the basic rules presented by the Organization in the announcements during the event.

The participant who will not obey to the instructions and demands of the Organization might be disqualified and asked to leave the event.

The Organization together with the medical crew reserve the right to move away people showing symptoms or being in a bad physical form.

In the Race Zone, the Organization is allowed to check the body temperature of the participants.

The Organization reserves the right to introduce changes in the regulations if needed because of the situation and the safety of the participants.