Dear participants of the 9th Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival (DFBG),


Less than two weeks remain until the start of the competition so we would like to make you familiar with the rules of participation in the Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival. DFBG is a series of races with general classification for particular distances. Below we present the most important regulations and  rules of conduct that will be required from each participant.






The Race Office will be located in the Spa House (Dom Zdrojowy) at Orla Street No. 7. At the office, there will be stands where competitors may pick up their race packs. In order to minimize crowds and queues - access to the stands will be coordinated by our volunteers and the organizers' team.




When collecting the race pack, each competitor is required to cover his/her mouth and nose with a mask.


Participants will be able to collect their race pack upon showing their RUNNER'S CARD. In order to download the Runner's Card, each Participant must log into his/her account at If a Participant does not have an account, he/she can create one here: Creation of an account requires providing the email address which was specified during enrolment for the race.


- After logging in, go to the "My Events" tab, find the race you are to participate in, and click on the icon with the card. Runner's cards are already filled out, so all you have to do is print them out and sign.


Collection of the race packs has been scheduled for the following days, times and race distances: 


THURSDAY (15 July 2021)

12:00 - 17:30 competitor check-in for Seven Summit Run (Bieg 7 Szczytów) 240 km and Super Trail 130 km

18:00 – 21:00 competitor check-in for K-B-L 110 km and Golden Mountains Trail 33 km


FRIDAY (16 July 2021)

10:00 – 20:00 competitor check-in for K-B-L 110 km and Golden Mountains Trail 33 km

14:30 – 20:00 competitor check-in for Ultra Trail 68 km, Golden Marathon (Złoty Maraton) 45 km, and Golden Half Marathon (Złoty Półmaraton) 21 km


SATURDAY (17 July 2021)

4:00 - 11:00 competitor check-in for Ultra Trail 68 km, Golden Marathon 45 km and Golden Half Marathon 21 km

16:00 - 20:00 competitor check-in for Trojak Trail 10 km


SUNDAY (18 July 2021)

07:00-10:00 competitor check-in for Trojak Trail 10 km


Please remember:

  • THE RUNNER’S CARD must be printed out, signed and delivered to the Race Office;
  • THE RUNNER’S CARD is the basis for collection of the race pack;
  • The race pack may only be collected IN PERSON;
  • It will not be possible to print out the RUNNER'S CARD at the Race Office;


If you want to collect the race pack for another competitor who does not take part in the DFBG (such pack will be given out without the race bib and chip), do not forget to have the proper authorization as well as the signed and printed RUNNER’S CARD.



Persons who ordered an event technical T-shirt or sleeves during registration will be able to collect it from the store upon showing their race bib. To collect a T-shirt for another competitor, you need to have the proper authorization – THE AUTHORIZATION is available here -

The store will be located on the premises of the Race Office. Payment is only possible in cash.



We do not provide parking spaces for participants of the Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival. There are several large parking lots available in Lądek-Zdrój, which you can check out here:

Please park your cars only in permitted places and do not park cars (even for a while) on a public road or near the Dom Zdrojowy building (at the Race Office).





The event area consists of the Start/Finish area, the Race Office and the Buffet Area. Supervision over these areas is exercised by a team of organizers and volunteers. The organizer is not responsible for crowds emerging outside the event area, but will try to ensure that they do not occur.




Each race will start on a specified date and time, and the runners will leave the start area at intervals of several seconds (interval starts).


The timetable for particular races is as follows:


  • Seven Summit Run 240KM - 15.07.2021 - 17:00 - 18:00
  • Super Trail 130KM - 15.07.2021 - 17:00 - 18:00
  • K-B-L 110KM - 16.07.2021 - 19:00 - 20:00
  • Ultra Trail 68KM - 17.07.2021 - godz. 5:00 - 6:00
  • Golden Marathon 45KM - 17.07.2021 - godz. 7:00 - 8:00
  • Golden Mountains Trail (GTS) 33KM - 16.07.2021 - 14:00 - 15:00
  • Golden Half Marathon 21KM - 17.07.2021 - 9:30 - 11:00
  • Trojak Trail 10KM - 18.07.2021 - 9:00 -10:00


This means that within these time frames your chip must be registered on the timing mat at the start line. Whether you start at 7:00 or 7:59 is up to you to decide. This year, you do not need to sign up for a specific start time.


For those who want to compete for the top positions and know that they will have to struggle with overtaking large number of other competitors along the course, there will be an opportunity to sign up to the leading group of starters (30 places). Applications should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 14 July 2021.


  • The start area for competitors of the race distances: 240 km, 130 km, 68 km, 45 km, 33 km, 21 km and 10 km - is located on the square in front of Dom Zdrojowy Wojciech in Lądek-Zdrój.


  • The start area for competitors participating in the 110 km race is located in Park Zdrojowy at the "Teatr pod Blachą" theater in Kudowa-Zdrój.


  • The finish line of all the races except the 130 km race is located in Lądek-Zdrój. The finish line of the 130 km race is located in Kudowa-Zdrój.




  • After entering the start area, the staff will let you out at intervals of a few seconds.
  • Unofficially, the earliest start times will be assigned to competitors who declare to run the distance in the shortest possible time :). This will be more convenient for both faster and slower runners, as it will eliminate the unnecessary problem with overtaking on narrow paths (please take this into account). Declaration of participation in the first group of starters can be, however, submitted by anyone.
  • Competitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the staff in the competition area, i.e. organizers and volunteers.
  • After crossing the finish line, please do not stay in the START/FINISH area longer than for a short rest, for having a snack at the buffet, and a quick photo:)





There will be aid stations on the course of each race.

Their full layout can be found in the roadbook that you will find in the race pack, and here:


Participants of the competition are obliged to observe the following rules:

  • Each competitor is obliged to disinfect his/her hands before entering every aid station. Disinfectants will be available at the entrance to the buffet zone;
  • In the buffet zone, in case of a large crowd, competitors are obliged to wear masks covering their mouths and noses:
  • At the aid stations, beverages (water, isotonic) as well as fruit, sweets, snacks and food (sealed in packages) will be served;
  • Competitors may use products available at the aid stations only after they have disinfected their hands;
  • At each aid station there will be thermoses with water/isotonic. The competitor fills up his/her own bottles/cups/hydration packs, etc.;
  • It is not allowed to rest in the buffet zone. We suggest to take a rest near it. In such case, support is allowed, but only within 150m from the buffet zone.




A limited number of parking spaces are available in the vicinity of the aid stations.

It is forbidden to park on the access roads to the aid stations in a way that might obstruct the passage of emergency services.

If there are no parking spaces left close to the given aid station - it is strictly forbidden to park on public roads.




Like last year, the competition will be held only on the territory of Poland. We will not cross the border with the Czech Republic. Current courses (GPX files) and maps are on our website. You can also download current tables of checkpoints, along with cut-offs and the map menu – they are all available here:


Race course is not a private property and is not closed for the duration of the competition. Please remember that other tourists and athletes have full right to use it.  In the sections of the courses that run along public roads, provisions of the Act – Law on Road Traffic apply. The competitors are obliged to exercise particular care  in such places






Participants of Seven Summit Run, Super Trail and K-B-L, will have the opportunity to use drop bags needed for particular stages of the race. Along the course, items deposited in the drop bags will be available for pickup at the following checkpoints:

A4 – Długopole-Zdrój

A8 – Kudowa-Zdrój

A13 – Bardo


Regulations for drop bags, their drop-off and post-race pick-up times can be found here:


Remember! You can only pick up your drop bags during the Drop Bag Storage opening hours.




The Organizer provides transportation from Lądek-Zdrój to Kudowa-Zdrój for participants of the race who wish to use the bus service (declaration required during enrolment for the competition – against additional fee of PLN 20/person), departure: Lądek-Zdrój – Friday 16:30 - 17.00.



The post-race meal will be served at the event venue, in the open air, approx. 200 m from the START/FINISH area. Meals will be distributed in sealed packages upon presenting the race bib.


Meals provided as part of the Pasta Party will be distributed in the tent of the Lido Hotel at the EXPO Zone, in front of the Race Office, on the following days and times:

Friday: 16.07.2021, between 17:00 and 22:30 (meal pick-up for competitors of 33 km and 130 km races).

SATURDAY: 17.07.2021 between 12:00 and 22:30 (meal pick-up for competitors of the following races: 21 km, 45 km, 68 km, 110 km, 130 km and 240 km).





During the Lower Silesian Mountain Running Festival competitors will be able to use the Campsite. Those who wish to use the campsite should register at the Race Office, where everyone who has a race number will be assigned a pitch location label that should be attached in a visible place on the tent. The campsite is free of charge for participants and costs 10 PLN/person/day for accompanying persons.

Information about the campsite can be found here:




The event closing ceremony for particular races will be held in the Band Shell (Muszla Koncertowa) opposite the Dom Zdrojowy building (the Race Office) on the following dates and times:



SATURDAY (17 July 2021)

▪️19:00 - announcement of the race results and prize giving ceremony - Super Trail 130km, Golden Mountains Trail 33km and Golden Half Marathon 21km

▪️▪️21:00 - announcement of the race results and prize giving ceremony - Ultra Trail 68km and Golden Marathon 45km


SUNDAY (18 July 2021)

15:00 - announcement of results and prize giving ceremony - Seven Summit Run 240km, K-B-L 110km, and Trojak Trail 10km


After each closing ceremony there will be a small prize raffle. Take your race bibs with you.




Competitors can enroll and pay for their participation in the race ONLINE until 13 July (Tuesday) 2021. After this date, those who have not paid their entry fee will be removed from the start list. In case of available places on the start list of a given race it will be possible to sign up and pay the entry fee for the race directly at the Race Office.



▪Each participant is obliged to follow the regulations and rules communicated by the organizer both before and during the event.

The participant who will fail to follow the instructions and requests of the organizer can be disqualified and asked to leave the event venue.

▪The organizer, in consultation with medical professionals, reserves the right to disallow or remove from the event any person who shows signs of illness or is in poor physical condition.

▪The organizer may check the body temperature of participants within particular race zones.

▪The organizer reserves the right to make amendments to the rules during the event if the situation and safety of competitors and organizers require it.




The race briefing will be recorded and published on our FB fanpage on Wednesday 14 July at 19:00. You can replay the recording of the briefing later on at any time.


All of the above rules have been introduced for our as well as your benefit. It is you who will be on the course and your conduct is the most important. We all know that society needs physical activity, competitions, and social meetings. We need it too! Therefore, we are forced to adapt to the new reality - let's do it together!


See you in Lądek-Zdrój!


Best regards,

Piotr Hercog and the race organizing team