Registration and entry fees:

Registration is possible from 20.01.2015 (12.00) till the day of the start

A successfull registration is when you fill the entry form in on our website and you pay the entry fee. The fees are:

– payment to 30.01.2015 / payment from 31.01 – 15.06 / payment after 15.06:

1. The Seven Summits Raec/Bieg 7 szczytów 240 km – 300 PLN / 350 PLN/ 400 PLN
2. The Super Trail Race/Bieg Super Trail 130 km – 200 PLN / 240 PLN / 280 PLN
3. The k-b-l Race/Bieg K-B-L – 110 km – 180 PLN / 210 PLN/ 250 PLN
4. The Super trail/Bieg Super Trail 65 km -140 PLN / 170 PLN/ 200 PLN
5. The Golden Marathon/Złoty Maraton – 42 km – 100 PLN/120 PLN/150 PLN
6. The Golden Half Marathon/Złoty Półmaraton – 21 km – 80 PLN/100 PLN/120 PLN
7. The Lądecki Trail/Bieg Lądecki – 10 km – 45 PLN/55 PLN/65 PLN

( 25% discount for the second (shorter) race in the festival)


We will extend your entry fee to include 45 PLN for a t-shirt and we will ask you to give us the size of the T-shirt.

After a successful registration and having transferred the entry fee, the personal information of a participant will be published on a starting list.

After having received the entry fee, we will give each participant a bib number (visible on dfbg web site)

We can register new runners but not to exceed the limit of the participants. We can only count fully registered runners – those who filled in the entry form and paid the entry fee. The acknowledgement of the successful registration is when you have received a bib number.
Those who registered but did not pay the entry fee, will be placed on the substitute list (without being granted with a bib number).

a) You may not be provided with full benefits when you have paid the entry fee later then the 10th of July 2015.

b) The organizer will not pay up the entry fee if you do not finish the race or do not take part in the race.

c) You can swap your entry fee with another participant but not later than 3rd July 2015 (after this date any swaps are possible). You have to inform us about the swap at least 12 days before the race.
If you wish to resign, you may sell your bib number with the price not higher than the entry fee. Then, you must tick the proper place in your data form.
If you have registered and have paid, you may still change the race – but you have to send us an email but not later that the 3rd of July. We will not pay up the difference in the entry fee if you wish to change for a shorter race. You are obliged to pay the missing amount if you change for a longer race.

d) In case the race has been cancelled before the start, the participants will get their entry fee back.

e) Your T-shirt will be in your welcome pack which you may collect only in the headquarters during the verification process.

f) In order to book a technical Salomon T-shirt, you must pay extra 45 PLN during the process of an online registration. You may also buy a T-shirt in the headquarters but the price will be 60 PLN.

Money transfer

a) The entry fee may be transferred to organizer’s account through traditional and electronic banking. You may also pay cash in the festival’s headquarters.

b) the money transfer must be entitled, e.g. “The Golden Marathon + Your first name and you surname” + an ID number (which will be provided by the organizer via email).

c) The organizer is not responsible for the time fees need to be transferred to organizer’s account. The only criterion of a successful registration is the date your Money is on organizer’s account

Please, transfer your Money to the following bank account:
Stowarzyszenie TKKF KOMPAS
ul. Asesora 74, 80-119 Gdańsk

Konto: 82 2490 0005 0000 4600 8336 6376 (AliorBank)

entitled: e.g. „The Golden Half Marathon – your first name and your surname + an ID number” (an ID number will be provided by the organizer via email)

The payment is not valid if the racer: is not electronically registered, the payment is late or the limit of the racers is exceeded.

A mistaken payment (if having not given sufficient personal information) will not be honoured and paid back.

After the organizer has registered and booked the payment, the racer of formally present on the starting list visible on the festival’s website.

We can register new racers only if there are still free bib numbers.!

Only a successful registration and a proper payment are confirmed with receiving a bib number.

Those racers who have registered but not paid the fee, are on the substitute list – without receiving a bib number.


There are limits of participants for each trail:

1. Seven Summits Trail – 240 km – limit 350 p
2. Super Trail 130 – 130 km – limit 350 p
3. K-B-L – 110 km – limit 350 p
4. Ultra Trail 65 – 65 km – limit 350 p
5. Golden Marathon – 43 km – limit 350 p
6. Golden Halfmarathon – 21 km – limit 350 p
7. Trojak Trail – 10 km – limit 350 p


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