Areas under the Trojan Hotel ul. Leśna - Lądek-Zdrój 

Organizer: Fundacja Maratony Górskie

  1. Only participants of the DFBG Mountain Running Festival with a race number and persons accompanying them, who have received a special pitch number from the Race Office, which should be displayed on the tent, will have access to the campsite. The competitor is responsible for the accompanying persons. The boundaries of the campsite area are marked with tapes by the organizer.
  2. The campsite is free of charge for competitors with a race number. For persons accompanying the competitors, the campsite charge is PLN 10/night. The amount must be paid in the Race Office.
  3. There are no guards or surveillance on the campsite. Participants stay in the area of the campsite at their own risk. The organizer is not responsible for life, health and property of persons using the campsite.
  4. Each participant of the campsite is obliged to comply with these regulations.
  5. The campsite is open from 13th to 16th July 2023
  6. The campsite does not accept caravans, only tents.
  7. It is forbidden in the campsite to:
    - make bonfire,
    - use open fire in tents,
    - use gas cylinders,
    - make barbecue outside the designated area,
    - connect to the existing power network,
    - interfere with any manner with the surrounding green areas,
    - demolish campsite's infrastructure,
    - disrupt the order in the campsite,
    - entry with motorhomes, car, camper and buses
    - carry dangerous items, including weapons,
    - bring alcohol and narcotics into the campsite;
  8. Persons who do not comply with the above regulations will be expelled from the campsite without the possibility to return.
  9. The Organizer is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables.
  10. Any misconduct or detected potential danger should be reported to the race office.
  11. Please follow the lawful instructions of the organizer's office staff and security staff.
  12. It is possible to dig drainage holes provided that the area is restored to its original condition before leaving the campsite.
  13. There are shower cubicles and toilets in the campsite available for use of the participants.
  14. The organizer reserves the right to change the regulations.